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Sumo Paint is amazing online editor

The particularly fond of image editors and I've tested many of them, including all those online editors that have become so trendy in the last few months. But I must admit I've never seen such an incredible online image editor as Sumo Paint.

This amazing tool opens up in your web browser and displays a complete Flash interface that will look amazingly similar to Photoshop. This reduces the learning curve to almost zero to all those who are already familiar with Photoshop, but if this is not your case, don't worry: you'll get the knack of it in almost no time.

Sumo Paint includes a full featured tool menu with pretty much anything you need to start painting from scratch. Brushes and pencils are designed to draw just like the actual tool, trying to be as realistic as possible. You can customize colors, fiddle with opacity and flow percentages and of course, work in different layers.

sumo paint
When it's time for photo editing, Sumo Paint doesn't fall short of expectations either. The program lets you load images from your local drive, an Internet URL or your Sumo account and apply a dozen filters and effects or adjust color and brightness values to it in a couple of clicks. Should something go wrong, simply press Ctrl+Z and it'll be undone – just like any desktop tool!

Regarding those Sumo accounts I just mentioned, don't get me wrong here: you don't need to register or sign up for anything to use Sumo Paint. It's totally free. The Sumo account is only a way to enter the Sumo community, a group of Sumo Paint users that have gathered around this great online editor and share their photos and drawings online. Having a Sumo account therefore lets you upload your own creations to the Sumo site and also comment on what other people have uploaded.

I could only find one drawback to Sumo Paint: the program doesn't include a proper Help section yet. Photoshop users don't need it, but other people would find it quite handy. In all, Sumo Paint is an excellent online photo editor that's really worth a try.

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